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A one-of-a-kind, repurposed vintage clutch bag, embellished with acrylic crystals. 
Side A: The Power Puff Girls
Side B: Power Stars

The Power Puff Girls

This product is out of stock but can be reproduced. Please allow 4-6 weeks to make and additional 10-14 days for shipping.
  • This is a vintage bag redesign.
    This item did not start as brand new, it may have been used slightly before bedazzling it, without any damages. There may be some  micro scratches on the metal element but nothing to apparent.
    This item was made using the best materials in the market.

    The process of painting and bonding everything together is extremely time consuming and each step had its own order and purpose, to ensure this items long life.

     As the maker and an owner my self, this product is extremely durable and accompanied me in many special occasions.

    However, some things have to be taken in consideration.

    Even though the products I use are marked waterproof, washing this item either by hand or in the washing machine is NOT recommended. Different changes in water temperatures, pressure and throwing will damage the item.

    Please keep away from any alcohol base liquid such as perfumes and antiseptic spray or gels. Some stones have a special coating that will be damaged with alcohol. If in the case of accidental spill: tap or rub it gently with a soft cloth.

    Always use a soft cloth to not cause any micro scratches. When not in use, keeping it inside the velvet pouch we provided, will protect it from dust, humid and any possible scratches caused when storing with other items.

    This item is now under your care and responsibility.


  • This is an unrefundable product. 

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