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Wall Art made with pearls, acrylic and glass crystals depicting Benny from Lego. Benny is a Master Builder spaceman who has an unreasonable, addictive desire for building spaceships. Benny stands at 35cm tall and is 21cm wide, and has a  2.5cm depth. The structure is made out of mdf and can both stand and hang on the wall. 
It is signed and dated on the back. 

Benny Lego Man

This product is out of stock but can be reproduced. Please allow 4-6 weeks to be made and an additional 10-14 days for shipping.
  • The process of painting and bonding everything together is extremely time consuming and each step had its own order and purpose, to ensure this items long life.

    Things have to be taken in consideration to help this product last a lifetime: 

    Please keep away from any water, humid areas and long sunlight eposure. Exposed in any of these conditions may damage the rhinestones coating and alter the color. 
    The glue and paint used is very durable, heat and waterproof.  However long eposure may efffect the binding. Do not hang on top of a radiator, in or near the bathroom. 

    To clean from dust use either a clean brush,Microfibre Duster or soft cloth. Keep away from alcohol base liquid such as perfumes and antiseptic spray and gels. 

    This item is now under your care and responsibility.

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