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Hey there!
If you are reading this, Thank you for being here. 
This is a new site, still under development so please be patient with us if something is not working 100%. 

As for me there isn't much to say, just that I love doing what I do. 
I can however type a little bit about the products you see. 
Everything listed is handmade by myself. Even this site. 

About the bags:

The bags are mostly vintage evening bags embellished with rhinestones and or pearls, crystals, embroidery etc. I take great pride in the materials I use as i had plenty of time during COVID lockdowns, experimenting with different kind of glues, products and finalising my current technique. 
All final products are then cleaned, polished and tested for endurance. 

Each bag normally takes 2-4 to make depending on the detail and how many colors are required. 

If you have any questions feel free to drop an email. 

Thank you 


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